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37; cheers to you, baby [19 Nov 2004|11:43pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

You're the only thing that makes her smile
So don't forsake her
Just like all the other girls
She'll make everyone hate ya

The never sees and the never dos
Wait for the cars to leave the car park
Her life is full of such a scene
She'd never even wish it on her enemies

Don't you think its time to settle down with someone special
She's just a girl but she's the only thing that's gonna save you

You can waste your life on the local talent
Or you can let her save it

She's never been into sniffing glue
She's never smoked a cigarette
Never revealed a darker past
To be loved was all she asked

And you're drinking away your mind
Getting stoned when you've got the time
She needs a fix, she won't survive
She's all hooked up on you

2 get hit by a train <3 by a train

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